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How Digitization is Accelerating Africa’s Supply Chain


From cities to towns and even down to remote areas (villages), Africa is a place where lots of delivery processes occur. Hence, haulage operations remain a pertinent aspect of today’s industrialization. As the logistics and supply chain sector remain one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria and Africa at large. Solutions like Olage Logistics, other start-ups, and already existing companies alike are taking the step of integrating the rural and city markets making regional logistics more efficient.

What is Supply Chain Digitization:

In simple terms, it means digital transformation in the supply chain industry. it is the process of turning analog supply chain process flows (from product to information to finance) into digital ones through establishing master data that aggregates information from across the whole supply chain.

Impact of digitization in Africa’s supply chain industry:

More than 85% of multinational companies anticipate that digitization efforts will enhance cash flow and reduce Days Sales Outstanding. They depend on this and look forward to newer developments.

Digitization can have a profound impact on your bottom line, and it’s central to the success of businesses in many different industries.
The digitization of logistics presents a powerful opportunity to transform your business and these advantages include:

  • Lowering manual tasks: this minimizes the burden of administrative work on your team, frees them up for other tasks that may have gone under-attended, and allows everyone to focus on their areas of expertise. This great opportunity of automating also reduces human error, which means gaining back revenue lost from fixing those errors and speeding up work processes; for example, automated invoicing allows you to get paid faster.
  • Pull data for decision-making. A digitized supply chain allows one to gather and analyze massive amounts of data with little effort, unlike analog procedures. You can then use that knowledge gathered to inform your build strategies, plan and make decisions (In the supply chain industry decisions need to be made quickly, and agility is vital.). Integrating real-time information into your digitized supply chain can lead to big payoffs like improving the customer experience, boosting sales, and reducing waste.

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